Recent action


Target: Haringey Council

  1. Protest at Apex House to support Ms T who was pregnant and facing eviction, but was not offered to be housed prior to her eviction date despite many requests to do so. However, on the day of the protest, council managers agreed with her that it seemed sensible in her circumstances that she was rehoused straight away. A week before her date of eviction they did. (Oct)
  2. Protest at Apex House to demand the council provide support to private tenants, including ensuring nobody is evicted due to inability to pay (Aug)
  3. Meeting with housing officer to demand better support private tenants (Aug)
  4. Attendance at Homelessness Forum and other council strategy meetings
  5. Continued regular fortnightly presence at Housing customer service offices (Apex House and at Station Rd, Wood Green) to hand out HHAG leaflets
  6. Lobby of Haringey Council run Landlords Forum (Sept)


Target: Tenants

  1. Boosting tenant empowerment and encouraging mutual aid (supporting one another to stand up for our rights and sharing skills to do so)
  2. Regular meetings of solidarity & supporting each other to take action to solve our housing problems (meetings every fortnight)
  3. Ensuring tenants know their rights (leafletting, increased information on website, meetings etc)
  4. London-wide networking, encouraging groups to set up elsewhere, plus putting resources on website for others to use, Housing for the 99% etc.


Target: Letting Agents

  1. Shian Housing Association. Demand that they replace inefficient and expensive NIBE Fighter 360p electric boilers (January 2014)
  2. Community Housing Inspectors protest at Letting Agents along Green Lanes. Demanded that letting agents accept people on housing benefit, reduce rent, and end fees for tenants, and increase length of tenancies. Up to 700 leafelts given out and around 20 people actively involved. (Oct)
  3. Drivers & Norris demonstration to support tenants to demand their money back when they were not provided their money back put down to secure a home – which was no longer offered to them. 700 leaflets given out to passersby and up to 20 people attending. (July)
  4. Lobby at Landlords Forum (Sept)


Target: Landlords

  1. Lobby at two Landlords Forums to speak to landlords and give leaflets stating our demands to not evict anyone for an inability to pay due to housing benefit cuts etc. Also inside meeting where we handed out further leaflets and raised questions to challenge the skewed focus by the council on landlords over the needs and rights of tenants. (Sept)