Shelter run a free housing advice telephone line. The Shelter London Advice Service page has up-to-date details.

The Shelter website also has a lot of information about housing problems, including some template letters that you can use to write to your landlord or the council.


Citizens Advice can give advice on various issues, including housing. If you want to see an advisor, you start by going to a drop-in assessment session, or phoning for an assessment. They may then book an appointment for you. There are two centres in Haringey – see their websites for current contact details.

Tottenham Citizens Advice

Turnpike Lane Citizens Advice

The Citizens Advice website also has information about housing problems.


Haringey Law Centre offers free legal advice. You can phone them, or go for a drop-in assessment at their office in Tottenham. If they think they can help, they may then book an appointment for you. They are currently running drop-in sessions every weekday, but check the Haringey Law Centre website for up-to-date details.


Hackney Community Law Centre also run a free housing law advice session in Haringey. They currently offer drop-in assessments every Wednesday morning at the Irish Centre in Tottenham. The Hackney Community Law Centre website has more information.


St James church in Muswell Hill runs free legal advice drop-ins several times a week. The St James Legal Advice Centre website has the current details.


Haringey Migrant Support Centre have a free weekly drop-in session near Turnpike Lane, for advice related to immigration. This is currently on Monday afternoons, but check the Migrant Support Centre website for more details.