New homelessness law: who will it help?

On 3rd April 2018, a new law on homelessness came into effect in England. The Homelessness Reduction Act 2018 is supposed to offer more help to homeless people who are not considered ‘priority need’. Under the previous law, single people without dependent children were usually not entitled to any help.

We know that under the previous law, even people who were entitled to help were frequently turned away and denied their rights. (This is often known as ‘gatekeeping’.) Will the council really use the new law to help people, or will they just put more barriers in everyone’s way?

HHAG would like to know people’s experiences under the new law. If you have approached the council since 3rd April, what kind of support did they give you? We invite you to share your experiences: come to one of our meetings, or contact us on Twitter, Facebook or by email.

If you want to learn more about your rights under the new law, Shelter have more information about what the council should do when you approach them.

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