Haringey Housing Action Group meets regularly for individuals to give and receive support on housing problems and campaign for better housing. We are not a service, we work collectively to solve each others’ problems. (If you’re looking for an advice service, here are some housing advice links.) Many of us have had housing problems ourselves or still do and we know we are stronger together. Haringey Housing Action Group are part of London Coalition Against Poverty.

The group meets several times a month; see the side panel for up-to-date timings and venue. The meeting is open to anyone who wants to take action to improve housing conditions in Haringey.

Ways of working
We encourage everyone who comes along to meetings to get involved with supporting one another and sharing skills. We work on the idea that through solidarity and direct action,  people have the power to change their own lives.

Contact us: haringeyhousingaction@gmail.com



  • Rents brought down to affordable levels Landlords should be not be making a profit or gaining an extra home out of someone’s basic need for housing
  • No evictions due to inability to pay e.g. due to cuts to benefits, unaffordable housing, loss of job
  • All housing to be maintained to a high quality standard

  • Tenant empowerment No decision about tenants, without tenants
  • All housing to be seen as a public resource Not for exploitation as a private gain


  • Removal of all fees for prospective tenants Admin ‘fees’, reference check ‘fees’, leaving ‘fees’ etc
  • No discrimination against people on welfare benefits

  • No discrimination against people who are self-employed or low-waged

  • Secure tenancies for all For as long as you want to stay


  • Ensure an adequate supply of council housing for all that need it, when they need it and in the area they wish to live. No loss of existing council housing
  • Ensure all new developments contain 100% social housing Whether it’s subsidised with public or private funds
  • Fair treatment of those facing eviction e.g housing people in priority need before their day of eviction
  • Set a maximum rent level for private renting in Haringey and insist all landlords adhere to it
  • Support private tenants in securing their rights to a decent, secure and affordable home