Empty promises, rights ignored

Our member E and her teenage child are living in one overcrowded room with shared facilities.

Even if you have somewhere to live, you may be legally homeless if your living conditions are so bad that you cannot be expected to stay there. E first approached the council in April 2018 and asked them to open a homelessness case. In August last year they finally agreed that E was homeless, but six months later they still haven’t rehoused her. They haven’t even given her a decision letter to confirm that they will do this.

E has just sent this letter to her caseworker. Will Haringey Council finally take action?

‘Since you have been dealing with my case, you have been delaying and ignoring my lawyer and I on many occasions. I believe Haringey Council have the capacity to provide a good service to their residents.
I have been patient and respected your duty as my Housing in Need Officer.I always respond to any question you ask me.You and your colleague visited where my daughter and I currently reside and you said it was unreasonable for us to live in that condition.
As a Housing in Need Officer, what action did you take? Did you discuss my case with your senior team or your manager?
Our living condition is getting worse. An apology will not help if something happens.
Just to let you know, I am a responsible women, I am working and volunteering in Haringey. I wouldn’t like anyone to discriminate me any longer.How would you feel if you are: preparing food, hanging laundry, and living with a full time educated teenager in one room in a shared facilities house?
As a result of ignoring me, I have been endlessly seeking for advice everywhere; exposing my private life to everyone.I have already sent you pictures of my living conditions.For health and safety, is it lawful for the house to be rebuilt whilst people are living in the house?
I hope this time you will not turn down my decision letter because this situation is affecting my daughter’s education.’

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