Haringey Council, Universal Credit & Unaffordable rents – Update

The outrageous and controversial graphic withdrawn following protest

No family in Haringey should be forced out of their community, if they do not wish to move, due to benefit cuts and an inability to pay rent due to unaffordable rent levels. We demand that landlords reduce rents to affordable levels and the council supports any family wishing to remain in their home by supporting the tenant and putting pressure on the landlord to play their part.

Haringey Council held two events in September to explain to local people, and organisations working with them, the changes taking place with the introduction of Universal Credit and how the council will be dealing with these changes. One was the Homelessness Forum and the second was the Landlords Forum. The attached presentation was delivered by Phil Harris, Deputy Director of Housing for the council in both sessions. In the first session the presentation was slightly adapted and did not include the offensive ‘To the North’ sign as shown in the presentation delivered at the Landlords Forum, but the content was the same otherwise.

Landlord_Forum_Presentation about Welfare Changes – Delivered by Phil Harris 20 September 2012 (previously available on the council website, but is the only document that seems to have been removed – perhaps due to the insensitive and revealing use of the image which suggests the council wishes to move some of us ‘to the north’.)

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