Housing Benefit and Local Housing Allowance Info Booklet – Includes details of changes

This leaflet has been put together to let you know what you are entitled to, and to make the process of claiming it less intimidating. Those of us who have put this leaflet together are either on Housing Benefit or Local Housing Allowance or give advice about these benefits. It’s not always easy getting what you are entitled to, and often people give up as they can’t take the hassle or don’t know what else to do. Sometimes housing benefit workers don’t know their own rules, and at other times
it can seem like they are actually stopping us getting what we are entitled to.

Download the booklet here:
HB Booklet May 2012

Who can claim
How to claim
Local Housing Allowance
Housing Benefit (old rules)
Both housing benefi t schemes
Problem Landlords
Getting Paid
Moving House
Students and Prisoners
Renewals & Reviews of Claims
Practical Tips and Complaints
More Information

In April 2008 the rules for Housing Benefit changed. In addition to the old housing benefit rules something called “local housing allowance” was also brought in. Basically this applies to private tenants who apply for housing benefi t aft er 7th April 2008. For most people on housing benefit before April 2008, and for council and housing association tenants both before and after April 2008, the old housing benefit rules apply. We explain this in more detail below.

This leaflet looks at both the Local Housing Allowance part of Housing Benefit and also the old Housing Benefit part. Although not totally correct terminology we will describe the old rules as “HB” and the Local Housing Allowance part of
the Housing Benefit rules as “LHA”.

Some of the rules are complicated, and others fairly vague. Where we feel the rules are complicated, we suggest you consult an advice bureau or solicitor. Where the rules vary we have put in details relating to Haringey. If you don’t live in Haringey, find out details for your own area. For further information see the back page of this booklet.

There is a lot to read in this booklet. Some sections will apply to you while others don’t. Some parts are complicated. Sorry, but that’s as simple as we were able to explain the rules. Please note that the figures given could change over time.

Download the booklet for the full content

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