Join our protest, 10 Oct: Haringey Council, rehouse Z now!

Still waiting for Homes4Haringey - sign on railingJoin us in Wood Green on Tuesday to support our member Z, and to challenge Haringey Council’s callous treatment of tenants facing eviction.

Protest Tuesday 10 October, 12.30pm
outside Haringey’s housing office – 48 Station Road, London N22 7TY. (1 minute walk from Wood Green tube.)

Z and her family have been facing harassment from her landlord for months. He has physically threatened the family and tried to deprive them of heating. He enters the house unannounced, so Z can never feel safe at home.

The landlord has made it clear that he’s doing this because he is too impatient to wait until the end of the legal eviction process. There is no way for Z to stop the eviction – the landlord has already secured the legal right to the property. Yet Haringey Council* insist that she must stay there until the bailiffs come, even though she’s in danger.

Councils always tell people that they can’t rehouse them until the eviction notice is actually signed. The government’s own official guidance makes it clear that this is wrong. But Haringey prefer to risk a family’s safety rather than provide them with emergency accommodation a few weeks sooner.

Since the harassment began, Z has approached the council again and again, but they keep turning her away. They’ve even claimed that Z has a moral duty to stay, and put herself at further risk, so that the landlord can be punished if he continues to harass her.

We’ve written letters, spoken to the manager, and protested inside the housing office, but Haringey Council still don’t want to listen. Join us on Tuesday to help get the word out.

You can also show support on Twitter. tweet @haringeycouncil and @homes4haringey to tell them to stop #gatekeeping homeless families.
*Homes for Haringey deliver the council’s housing advice

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