Our Tottenham – Planning and Regeneration for the community (Organising meeting)

Our Tottenham

Planning & Regeneration for the Community

See website for more details: www.ourtottenham.wordpress.com

Conference Proposed to be held in Feb or March 2013
Supporting groups confirmed so far: Weir Hall Action Group / Bull Lane Playing Fields Campaign, Wards Corner Community Coalition, Find Your Voice, Welbourne Community Centre, Haringey Defend Council Housing, Haringey Housing Action Group, Defend Haringey Health Services, Haringey Solidarity Group, Friends of Lordship Rec, Haringey Federation of Residents Associations

The groups above are planning a conference to bring together the key local community groups and campaigns in Tottenham who are affected by the Council’s ‘Tottenham Plan’ and other planning and regeneration issues.  The idea is to work together and fight for our common interests, our neighbourhoods, our community facilities and for the needs of our communities throughout Tottenham.

If your organisation supports this please let us know – contact the Our Tottenham Organising Group c/o ourtottenham@gmail.com

All relevant groups are invited to a joint planning meeting to help organise the conference together

Wednesday 16th January 2013

7pm at the North London Community House, 22 Moorefield Rd, N17

Aims of conference

– To bring local activists and campaign groups together whose aims are to oppose all inappropriate planning and developments and campaign for/defend facilities and proposals which are led by local residents, for the benefit of local residents, and improve neighbourhoods for residents’ benefit – not just for the benefit of big business.
– Discuss some of the major unsuitable aspects of current local development plans (eg high rise blocks, high rents and gentrification, over-development, loss of Council housing or community facilities etc) where interests of the residents have not been taken into account, what we can do to oppose plans and to support any alternative plans e.g. Wards Corner, Tottenham Plan/Love Lane, Lawrence Road
– To show support for and/or help initiate new resident and community-led development plans that support the interests of local people (e.g. Tottenham Plan/Love Lane and St Ann’s Hospital)
– Share experiences of successful local campaigns and community-led regeneration for example Broadwater Farm Residents Association, Friends of Downs Lane Park, Friends of Lordship Rec, Wards Corner Community Coalition, Everybody’s Music, Bull Lane Playing Fields Campaign etc, to inspire new campaigns for resident-led regeneration.
– Offer a clear and viable alternative, resident-led process for regeneration and development plans for residents who currently feel they have little power to change things.

Potential outcomes of conference

– Better understanding of the Tottenham Plan, past and current existing campaigns, and how more people can support or get involved
– Initiate new campaign groups for areas under threat
Possible formation of a Tottenham community planning and regeneration action network, and other initiatives

Additional groups to be invited to attend and help organise/publicise:
Lord Morrison Hall / Afro International, Chestnuts Community Centre, Haringey Friends of Parks Forum, Day-Mer / North London Community House, Ferry Lane Action Group, Love Lane Residents Association, Tottenham Civic Society, Broadwater Farm Residents Association, Friends of Down Lane Park


London Conference

for communities facing gentrification and displacement
Saturday 19th January
@ Kings College London, Waterloo Campus

To London’s borough-wide tenants federations / organisations and other London Tenants Federation members.

Please find details below of an important conference supported by the London Tenants Federation.  Please let me know if you would like to attend. Obviously we are most keen to involve tenants and residents in the conference that are living in areas where regeneration / gentrification and displacement is planned / already taking place. Please forward to your member RAs.  Please advise them that they do need to book – by emailing info@londontenants.org  providing their name, estate and borough.

Best wishes


London Conference agenda

10.00 Welcome by Loretta Lees, Kings College London and representatives from Just Space, London Tenants Federation and Southwark Notes Archive Group
10.20 Introduction to regeneration as gentrification in London and the use of mixed tenure communities policy. Loretta Lees, Kings College London
10.30 Testimony from 4 estates facing gentrification and displacement – Aylesbury, Carpenters, Heygate and Pepys.
10.50 Questions and comments
11.10 International perspective on Community Land Trusts, Greg Rosenberg, International Community Land Trust Network
11.30 Workshops on Community Land Trusts; Co-ops and Selfbuild; Community Housing Associations and Agreement of the People; Managing and Owning Community Assets
12.45 LUNCH
13.30 Tenants perspectives and definitions, London Tenants Federation
13.50 Land economy and housing, Michael Edwards, Bartlett School of Planning & Just Space
14.10 Workshops on Refurbishment v demolition and rebuild; Community Plans, Neighbourhood Plans and Community Bill of Rights; Lifetime Neighbourhoods; Local Economy
15.25 Tea / Coffee break
15.45 Plenary / discussion
16.30 END

Workshop 1 Community Land Trusts:
led by / invited contributions from Stephen Hill, Future Planners & Mark Taylor, East London Community Land Trust.

Workshop 2 Co-operatives and Selfbuild:
led by / invited contributions from Greg Robbins, London Federation of Housing Co-ops. Carolyn Smith and Pennie Quinton, Phoenix Housing Co-operative and Leslie Barson, London Community Neighbourhood Co-op.

Workshop 3 Community Housing Associations and Agreement of the People:
led by / invited contributions from Celine Kulowsky, supporting residents from Gibbs Green and West Kensington Estates and Jonathan Rosenberg, Walterton and Elgin Community Homes.

Workshop 4 Owning and Managing Community Assets:
led by / invited contributions from Julie Fawcett, Stockwell Park Community Trust and Malcolm Cadman Pepys Community Forum.

Workshop 5 Refurbishment v Demolition and Rebuild:
led by / invited contributions from Better Elephant, Pepys Estates, Stockwell Park Community Trust and the Building Research Establishment.

Workshop 6 Community Plans, Neighbourhood Plans and Community Bill of Rights:
led by / invited contributions from Richard Lee, Just Space, representatives of Carpenters Against Regeneration Plans, and Melanie Strickland, Occupy London.

Workshop 7 Lifetime Neighbourhoods:
led by / invited contributions from Elanor Warwick, Built Environment Researcher, LTF representative and representatives from the Elephant and Castle and Wards Corner.

Workshop 8 Local Economy:
led by / invited contributions from Peter North, Liverpool University and Transition London

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