Protest at Haringey Landlords Forum – Tues 19 Feb, 5pm

Bring rents down! No evictions!

Join Haringey Solidarity Group and Haringey Housing Action Group at the

Haringey Landlords Forum
Tuesday 19 February, 5pm at Wood Green Civic Centre
High Road, Wood Green, N22 (5 mins walk up the hill from Wood Green tube)

Come and join us at the Haringey Landlords Forum, where up to 100 landlords from around the borough will be meeting with the council. We will have the chance to ask them to reverse their decisions to evict tenants, raise rents, and refuse to rent to housing benefit claimants.

Housing is a basic necessity. But landlords choose to ignore this when they maximise rental income and refuse to help tenants affected struggling to pay their rent. They should not be allowed to go about their business unchallenged.

At previous landlord forums, we have had a handful of people outside, talking to landlords as they go in. But with the upcoming benefit cap, things could get a lot worse for tenants across Haringey. We want to increase the pressure on landlords, so help us create a show of defiance outside the civic centre.

From April, tenants across Haringey will be used as guinea pigs to trial the benefit cap, part of the government’s welfare reforms. The council and landlords are putting the burden on tenants to reduce their expenditure or move out of the borough. But tenants would not have to do this if landlords lowered their rents.

With a limit of total benefits of £500 a week, about 1,000 families across Haringey, and more in the other three test boroughs (Enfield, Croydon and Bromley), will face cuts to their benefits, and  will have to choose between eating, fuel bills, or paying their rent.  More than two-thirds will face a cut of more than £50 a week – a difference that won’t be found by making changes to outgoings.

If you would like to get involved in a campaign to make the cap unworkable, get in touch with Haringey Solidarity Group at

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