Protest with Boundary House Residents against Theori Housing (Fri Oct 28)!

Boundary House ResidentsBoundary House residents and Focus E15 group are asking for support this Friday, when they will be leading a protest outside Theori offices in Leyton.

The residents have been placed in Boundary House by Waltham Forest council, and Theori Housing manage the letting.  The hostel is over 30 miles away from Waltham Forest, and the residents have complained at the slumlike conditions there.

Members of Haringey Housing Action Group also have experience of poor hostel accommodation, provided by Haringey Council, and we know how hard it is try to go about your daily activities – going to work, taking kids to school – when you are living in cramped conditions, with little or no cooking facilities.  But having a 30-mile journey to make every day, on a low income, would make it almost impossible to do anything but the most basic activities.

Boundary House residents have drawn up a list of demands to Waltham Forest Council:

  • BRING US BACK TO LONDON. We have a right to live in the areas we know as home, close to our families and support networks, to give us security, and so those that want to can return to work.
  • SAFE AND DECENT HOMES. No mould, cockroaches or dangerous faulty facilities!
  • INVESTIGATE THE SUITABILITY OF BOUNDARY HOUSE AS ACCOMMODATION. Waltham Forest Council, and other London Councils, must make sure that the accommodation they are moving people to be decent, safe and suitable homes. Boundary House is not a safe environment.
  • CANCEL YOUR CONTRACT WITH THEORI HOUSING LTD. They refuse to provide adequate management of their properties, leaving them dirty, dangerous and inhospitable for the residents.
  • PROTECT AND DEFEND THE MORE MARGINALIZED IN YOUR COMMUNITIES. Young single mothers should not be isolated from support networks, children should be able to grow up near their families.
  • STOP LYING TO YOUR CONSTITUENTS! You have lied, and continue to lie, to each and every one of us. We demand you treat us with respect, and are transparent with your actions.
  • STOP PUSHING PEOPLE OUT OF LONDON. It is our home and we have just as much right as anyone to make our homes and raise our children there.

Theori is used by many London Councils, including Waltham Forest and Newham. Residents from Boundary House have had enough with the dangerous and dirty accommodation that is unsuitable for their children. They have been forced to live with mould, damp, cockroaches and dangerous facilities. Join them on Friday October 28th at 11am to protest outside Theori as we fight for safe and decent homes!

To Theori, they are demanding: put people before profit. We demand you ensure your properties are safe and decent to live in!

To Waltham Forest Council, they are demanding: Boundary House is not fit for families, Bring the residents home!

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