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Housing for the 99%

Housing for the 99% was set up to discuss taking collective action to resolve housing problems for private tenants; here are the notes from the first meeting, some of the action ideas can be applied locally in Haringey. Notes from Housing for the 99% meeting 13 May 2012 Background: This meeting was called in response […]

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Localism Act 2011 – How it affects Haringey residents

There are 6 main parts to the housing provisions under the Localism Act 2011 for local authorities. These are: housing allocations; homelessness duty; flexible tenancies; how local authorities can use finances from their housing stock; how social housing is regulated; and finally how complaints are dealt with.

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Cuts to Housing Benefit – The Facts.

New claims or when current claims are reviewed Average rents in an area are calculated. Housing Benefit will now be capped at the 30% mark. It used to be 50%. Now, only 3 out of 10 rented properties are available to claimants

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Universal Credit (UC) – The Facts.

The one thing throughout the legislation, is the use of words like “regulations may make provision to” and “Regulations may make provision for…”. Basically, this means the government can change many parts of this legislation by “regulations” – ie. doesn’t have to be agreed in parliament first.

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