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Landlords’ Responsiblities If you are a tenant, your landlord has certain obligations. The rules and procedures vary depending on the type of tenancy you have but certain basic rules are always the same. It’s important to remember that if you have a licence rather than a tenancy, you may not have all of these rights. Use […]

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NO GENTRIFICATION FOR TOTTENHAM! – The threat to people on low incomes and ethnic minorities from Haringey Council’s ‘Plan For Tottenham’

INTRODUCTION On 31st July 2012, Haringey Council announced a regeneration plan, the Plan for Tottenham, which it claims will create thousands of new homes and jobs in the wake of the riots of August 2011 (1). The small print of this plan reveals that it is actually a plan which will push up house prices […]

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Haringey residents call for a fightback against Government housing policies threatening the homes of thousands of local residents

- public meeting calls for affordable, secure, local, decent housing for all – local campaigning launched against the bedroom tax, benefits cap and other unjust measures – ‘social cleansing’ condemned as local residents refuse to be forced out of their own borough by high rents and benefit cuts On Saturday 16th March nearly 60 residents […]

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Scrap the Benefit Cap Campaign

Haringey, Enfield, Bromley and Croydon have been chosen by the government to be used as a testing ground for their Overall Benefit Cap. People living with three or more dependent children will be most likely to be affected, facing cuts in housing benefit of up to £400 a week. But it will affect many others […]

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Our Tottenham – Planning and Regeneration for the community (Organising meeting)

Our Tottenham Planning & Regeneration for the Community See website for more details: Conference Proposed to be held in Feb or March 2013 Supporting groups confirmed so far: Weir Hall Action Group / Bull Lane Playing Fields Campaign, Wards Corner Community Coalition, Find Your Voice, Welbourne Community Centre, Haringey Defend Council Housing, Haringey Housing […]

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Haringey Council, Universal Credit & Unaffordable rents – Update

No family in Haringey should be forced out of their community, if they do not wish to move, due to benefit cuts and an inability to pay rent due to unaffordable rent levels. We demand that landlords reduce rents to affordable levels and the council supports any family wishing to remain in their home by […]

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Joint demands agreed by Haringey Housing Action Group & Private Tenants Action Group

OUR DEMANDS: AFFORDABLE, DECENT, SECURE HOUSING FOR ALL Rents brought down to affordable levels Landlords should be not be making a profit or gaining an extra home out ofsomeone’s basic need for housing No evictions due to inability to pay e.g. due to cuts to benefits, unaffordable housing, loss of job All housing to be […]

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Our Response to London Assembly Review of Private Rented Sector

Haringey Housing Action Group response to London Assembly’s Housing and Regeneration Committee review of London’s Private Rented Sector – Session 2: Affordability and Tenure Haringey Housing Action Group Haringey Housing Action Group has been supporting local residents with housing problems for about three years.  Our aim is to support people in a way that they […]

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More Attacks On Our Rights To A Home – Changes to Squatting Laws

If you think you might be affected by the changes to the law about squatting read this article by Advice Service for Squatters and Squash (Squatters’ Action For Secure Homes). Advice Service for Squatters: September 1st – what happens now? On the 1st September S144 of LASPO 2012 comes into force. We’ll leave it to […]

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Homeless? Get Your Rights!

Council Homeless Persons Units (HPUs) are famous for trying to turn away as many people as they can – telling them they don’t fit the criteria to be housed. In reality many of these people are entitled to help – and this might include you. There are 5 TESTS that the council must look at […]

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